Exercising at CaroLine, a health club for women only, is exercising effectively for short periods of time in a relaxed atmosphere. The training programme is carried out while lying in a heat cabin and because you exercise lying down, you are not putting any extra pressure on the joints. From experience we know that backaches and complaints related to rheumatism and fibromyalgia ease off.


- a complete and customized concept for exercising in a safe, responsible and effective way;
- visible and tangible result through the proven Thermophysical Method (TFM), also for women with back problems, rheumatism, arthrosis or fibromyalgia;
- option to use ozon therapy;
- dietary advice without strict dieting rules or separately cooked meals, which makes it easy to integrate in every family situation;
- exercising in an informal and personal atmosphere;
- advantages of a small-scale setting;
- professional 1 to 1 supervision.


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