Fitness & Zo is a gym located in Born, with an emphasis on experience and quality. We see that sport and sociability result in better health. We apply the H factor; the efficiency of a hotel and the cosiness of a living room.

Fitness & Zo has a spacious fitness area with a variety of equipment ready to be used. There is a cardio zone, functional zone, outdoor zone and strength zone with power equipment and free weight material. Where members can exercise independently and under supervision.

The Fitness also has a variety of group classes on offer. From Yoga to Bootcamp and Spinning® to body power. There are plenty of classes to participate in.

In addition, the Fitness has an EGYM. A concept where 8 strength machines are fully automated. Here the machines are completely set to you, so you only have to log in and then you can start exercising immediately.

If you are not yet sure about working out with us, you can always request a FREE week pass to try out our offer for a week.

Lifestyle coaching
Group lessons
Personal Trainer

Florianstraat 8
6121 MA Born



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