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Every workout consists of a cardio and a power part. To this end, a variety of equipment and tools is used. Like treadmill, rowing machines, an HIIT bench and weights. All exercises are demonstrated by your coach. During your workout you wear a heart rate strap. Results are maximized when you work out in the appropriate heart rate zone. Which is why we focus on your heart rate during the workout, which you can monitor live on a screen.

No more than 15 people in the fitness room at the same time to ensure sufficient space.

Fitness club where you can reserve time slots of 1 hour for individual workouts.

Instruction display with daily new exercises and always an instructor present.

To combine technology, science and customer experience everyone wears a heart rate strap. You can buy or rent one directly at the health club (no involvement of ODS).

Upon entry you receive a towel. You need to bring your own bottle of water. Showers are available.

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