At Workout Geleen you can take part in various group classes. In addition you can also come for a workout. We have a fitness area of more than 325 square metres. We use Technogym equipment for power and functional training and Cybex equipment for cardio training. We also offer support in the form of dietary schedules, measure & weigh, supervised exercises and training schedules.

What is Jump?

Jump! is an interval training of 30 minutes, during which you jump in various ways on specially developed trampolines with a huge fun factor. Because of the elasticity of the trampoline you train all your muscles, without putting pressure on your joints. This results in an improved balance and body coordination.

Effectively burning calories

During the Jump! you train more than 400 muscles, a lot more than during comparable endurance sports. You therefore burn a lot of calories.

Efficient training

Jump! is an efficient training for stomach, legs and buttocks and strengthens your entire body. At the same time you improve your stamina with the dynamic exercises.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for everyone, irrespective of age, weight or physical performance!

Jumps and techniques are easy to learn and because of the springs there is not much pressure on your joints.

Good for your health

Stimulates, among other things, your metabolism, condition of your heart and your blood circulation. During the Jump! endorfines are released, a substance that makes you feel happy, also ideal against stress!

This training is part of the standard subscription.


Kids classes: for kids between 4 and 12 years: bootcamp, hiphop, jump

This is a subscription that can be cancelled every month after the initial three months (so no annual obligation).

Group lessons

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