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Why choose 123 FIT?

123 FIT, located in Lanaken and Valkenburg, is the way to work out without spending hours at the gym.

With each 30-minute session you will efficiently train all your muscle groups and activate your muscle metabolism. This will increase your calorie burn for 48 hours. This way, exercising for half an hour several times a week is extremely efficient! This ensures measurable results in little time. It is a proven successful 30-minute workout from America, which is extremely efficient for the entire body. 123 FIT gives the attention you are looking for!

The studios are open 365 days a year. There is always a half hour to find to work on your health. Many went before you. 123 FIT distinguishes itself because:

- A complete training in only 30 minutes: at 123 FIT you feel at ease and you get the opportunity to realize the fittest version of yourself in little time.

- Personal attention: safe and responsible exercise is paramount. Because of the clear flow of the circuit you know what to do and you train very effectively. The 123 FIT instructor will be happy to help you achieve your goals!


Broekhem 60A
6301 HJ Valkenburg



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