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On- and offline incompany actions by ODS-Vitaal at:

Online health week

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Fivit online

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Happiness at work

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Just a few examples of in-company vitality activities we organize.
In need of more references? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for Kirsten Offermanns or Sandra Meijer.

Our vision:

ODS helps companies and their employees improve long-term employability by providing a combination of activities and advice regarding Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset.

ODS advises and implements. Everything is taken care of.

The TNO model serves as a perfect starting point to get to know your organization and list your requirements.

ODS takes a lean & mean approach.

We identify and implement (together with you) appropriate action right away.

1. Lean & Mean

This results in a clear dashboard which is the basis for our proposal. Using everything already available in your organization.

2. Advice for

A combination of actions to improve the vitality of the organization.

3. Full-service

ODS supports and coordinates the practical implementation.

4. Evaluating

ODS provides aftercare by evaluating results and follow-up actions. Celebrate success!

ODS anticipates

From experience and talking to employers we know what is needed when it comes to vitality. Topics that are often raised are ‘work stress’ and ‘obesity’. We have developed two theme packages that we can completely customise to your organization and roll out quickly.

The combination is greater than the sum of the parts:

ODS improves vitality by a combination of activities and advice regarding Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset. Four pillars guarantee a healthy basis.

Sufficient and responsible exercise is essential for a vital life. ODS organizes sports activities that are accessible to everyone. The young and the old. Beginner or advanced. Individually or in a group. We also offer programmes on departmental and company level.

People need to perform on many levels. At work, at home, in their social environment and last but not least, the digital world. How can we prevent them from collapsing under that pressure, sleeping badly and their energy draining away? ODS’ activities and programmes provide vital peace and focus.

Eating and drinking has become a daily routine we don’t really think about. ODS brings your knowledge up to date and makes people aware of the long-term effects of food. We consider food a source of vitality.

People and organizations that believe vitality can be improved by exercising more, relaxing better and eating healthier have the right mindset. That is essential to change employee behaviour and initiate culture change in your organization. The key is vital leadership, to create support, positive vibes and happiness at work.

What can we offer your employees?

ODS provides in-company vitality activities. In addition, your employees and their family can benefit from more than 100 vitality providers and attend the ODS events.

In-company activities provide a V boost!

ODS offers multiple solutions for in-company vitality programmes, both on departmental and personal level. Always customised to your organization or department.

100+ vitality providers close to your organization

We encourage a vital lifestyle at work and at home. Together with our providers, ODS offers employees, their partners, their living-at-home children and retirees the opportunity to participate in: Breathing therapy, Weight loss, Aqua fitness, Badminton, Boxing, Coaching, Cycling, Fitness, Fitness PLUS, Physiotherapy, Golf, Group classes, Gymnastics, Climbing & Bouldering, Running training, Horse riding, Personal Trainer, Skating, Skiing, Spinning, Squash, Tai Chi, Tennis, Wellness, Yoga, Zumba, Swimming, Swimming lessons and much, much more.

ODS Events for personal and business purposes

Each year, ODS organizes events in which employees participate with their colleagues, business relations and family members. It provides a nice day away from the office, ideal to boost the team spirit and ideally suited for networking with business relations.

ODS offers a tailor-made vitality approach, in cooperation with you

All members of the ODS account team have their own expertise in the vitality process. We support you when outlining a strategy, we set up a programme and we create a care-free environment during the implementation of the actions. This also includes the option to support in-company actions with attractive communication.

The ODS account team:

Kirsten Offermanns


Sandra Meijer

Adviser Vitality

Frank van Meijel


Together, we set up the programme based on the goals that your company has with regard to vitality, sustainable employability and leadership. To this end, we have selected a number of partners that adopt the same holistic approach as ODS. Together, we form the perfect team for your in-company vitality actions. We are proud of this team. Do you know people that would fit in? Do let us know. ODS loves teambuilding!

The ODS partners for in-company activities:

Els Steegmans

  • Vitality coach
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Coaching mindset
  • Motivations
  • Behavioral styles

Raphaelle van der Weide

  • Lifestyle coach
  • Yoga and meditation teacher
  • Heart Math coach
  • Healthy weight
  • Combined lifestyle interventions - GLI
  • From stress to flow
  • Recovery from illness
Huis voor positieve leefstijl

Gert-Jan van Beurden

  • Effective (personal) leadership
  • Communication with impact
  • Mental toughness
  • Managing stress
  • Boxing workshops (boxing as a teaching method)
  • Manage absenteeism for managers

Wendy Damen

  • OERsterk lifestyle coach
  • Orthomolecular advisor
  • Sensi Therapist
Bloom Vitality

Jill Henssen

  • Physiotherapist
  • Lifestyle coach
Health Plus

Inge Corstiaans

  • Growth mindset on the shopfloor
  • Personal leadership
  • Positive psychology
Platform Mindset

Suze Thomma

  • Leadership development
Suze Thomma | Leiderschapsontwikkeling

Birgit Spoorenberg

  • Causes of health

Aschwin van Diermen

  • Nutrition interventions in chronic disease
  • Vitality specialist on location!

André Mostard

  • Nutrition coach
  • Nutrition workshops
André Mostard | Sportvoedingscoach

Kirsten Vrijman

  • Stress less
  • Breath coaching

Delina Overdijk

  • Mindfulness
Belle Vie

Ilse Lucassen

  • Coaching and workshops
  • Career adviser
  • Stress and burn-out coaching
  • Adviser sustainable employability
Ilse Lucassen Coaching

Manon Simonis

  • Vital leadership courses
  • Life coaching courses & Full journey sessions
  • Yoga therapy & Breath coaching
  • Podcasts, webinars and lectures
  • Corporate meditation and yoga courses
  • Stress prevention mindful movement courses
  • Desk re-energizer sessions
  • Social and vital team development courses

Support by means of motivating communication. ODS creates enthusiasm and acceptance.

We help your employees reach the right mindset which will boost the level of participation in activities. We come up with a creative idea based on the objectives and take care of the implementation, providing you with a wide range of communication tools. Integrating the corporate identity of your company or action theme, or in the corporate identity of ODS. Examples: narrowcasting, banners, a great action, email or social post. Everything is possible. The right communication creates support and energy! Use our communication power. Mail to communicatie@ods-vitaal.nl for more information and inspiration.

ODS already works for over 60 large employers

And this makes us proud! Many well-known names adorn the list of companies we’ve contracted so far. Since the year we were founded (1938) we have had strong ties with chemical companies. Our knowledge and expertise regarding vitality, however, can be applied to every industry. Which means that since then, we have an increasing number of customers and assignments in the financial services industry, transport, healthcare, ICT and construction. More and more companies discover the ODS advantages. Don’t hesitate to contact them about their experiences with ODS. Join the club!

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