Vitality providers

Together with our vitality providers we put vitality on the map

Are you an entrepreneur with a drive for vitality? Then you are a perfect partner for ODS. Together we put vitality on the map for employers and employees of large companies in southern Limburg.

ODS advises management and HR professionals about vitality and long-term employability. Our advice always links Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset. The activities we offer as a next step, are rolled out in partnership with our vitality providers. You can become one of them. Let’s get in touch to discuss how we can join forces.

The benefits of partnering with ODS

  1. Your services will be brought to the attention of the ODS members. At the moment this amounts to approximately 5,000 people. We inform them through our newsletter and in-company communication. The potential, however, is huge. Of the 60 companies that we have contracted, only 10% of the workforce has registered as an ODS member. A lot more people, therefore, could improve their fitness and vitality. And we can help them, together!
  2. ODS has a number of theme packages to which you can add existing and new services. Take the theme ‘healthy weight’ for example. We are looking for vitality providers that can link the theme ‘healthy weight’ to our four pillars Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset.
  3. ODS is a foundation, and therefore not-for-profit. We settle for smaller margins than commercial parties. We aim for a long-term and fruitful partnership in which our network and your professional expertise will strengthen each other.

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