About ODS

The ODS vision:

ODS helps companies and their employees improve sustainable employability by providing a combination of activities and advice regarding Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset.

Our mission is:

Healthy companies through vital employees

The four pillars of ODS

The vitality and long-term employability of employees is key to the success of your company. ODS helps keep your employees fit and energetic. We have a very accessible and practical approach that we use to realise your goals regarding vitality. In this, we focus on:


People and organizations that believe vitality can be improved by exercising more, relaxing better and eating healthier have the right mindset. That is essential to change employee behaviour and initiate culture change in your organization. The key is vital leadership, to create support, positive vibes and happiness at work.

ODS keeps you on your toes


Sufficient and responsible exercise is essential for a vital life. ODS organizes sports activities that are accessible to everyone. The young and the old. Beginner or advanced. Individually or in a group. We also offer programmes on departmental and company level.

ODS makes you move


People need to perform on many levels. At work, at home, in their social environment and last but not least, the digital world. How can we prevent them from collapsing under that pressure, sleeping badly and their energy draining away? ODS’ activities and programmes provide vital peace and focus.

ODS brings peace to your mind and body


Eating and drinking has become a daily routine we don’t really think about. ODS brings your knowledge up to date and makes people aware of the long-term effects of food. We consider food a source of vitality.

With ODS you eat consciously and yummy

ODS is relevant to employers

ODS provides management and HR professionals with advice concerning vitality and long-term employability of employees. ODS offers many options. We organize in-company vitality activities and offer all the service you need when it comes to membership at health clubs and other vitality providers. Interested to learn more or to discuss your specific situation without any obligations? Email us on info@ods-vitaal.nl. We look forward to talking to you. Interested to keep your company ánd your employees fit and energetic? Join the ODS family!

Joining ODS with your company

ODS is relevant to employees

Are you employed by one of the contracted companies? Then you are automatically part of the ODS family, which means that you, your partner and family members can benefit from the range of vitality options. In addition, you can also take part in the annual ODS events. Interested in using more ODS services?  Click here to find out about a membership.

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ODS team, board and volunteers

ODS focuses on encouraging exercise, long-term employability, vitality and well-being of employees and their families and the retirees of the contracted companies. ODS realizes its goals by providing an attractive and varied range of activities across the Netherlands.
The people we involve (team, board and volunteers) are all engaged and enthusiastic, joining forces with our vitality providers.

Board of directors and team members

Kirsten Offermanns


Sandra Meijer

Adviser Vitality

Vivy Meijer

Office manager

Marit Koolen

Member administration

Jasper Offermanns

Event manager a.i.

Sem Cox

Event manager

Frank van Meijel


Anne-Mei Franssen


Board members

Niels van der Aar


André Reinaerdts


Peter van den Heuvel


Mark Ramaekers

Board member


Dozens of volunteers lend a hand during the annual ODS events, making sure everyone has a great time! Volunteers are highly valued by ODS. As the face of ODS they are instrumental in creating the right atmosphere. If you are that person or know someone else who wants to assist ODS during events, send us an email. Help is always welcome at the reception desk, signposting routes, developing activities and so on and so forth. You’ll be acknowledged for your efforts on our annual volunteer evening.

A career at ODS

At this moment there are no specific vacancies. But that can change anytime. Are you enthusiastic by nature, encouraging people to take action in order to stay fit and energetic? Then send your CV to info@ods-vitaal.nl. Perhaps there is a match after all!


There are no vacancies at the moment. If your interests and competencies fit ODS, you are encouraged to send in your CV and tell us about your skills.


The internships we have, are currently filled.


Our volunteers are primarily needed around the events. If you feel you’d like to apply, please send your application to info@ods-vitaal.nl.


Foundation ODS
Tel: 046 – 410 6236 (Mon. Tu. en Th.: 9-12 and 13-17 h.)
Mail: info@ods-vitaal.nl

Visiting address:
Room 7.1.05
Mauritslaan 49, 6129 EL Urmond

KvK 41072844
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