ODS has something for everyone. Young and old. Competitive and recreational. For those seeking peace and quiet and for record breakers.

Everyone wants to stay fit and energetic. ODS can help you with that. We offer activities and advice for an even fitter and more vital life. Not only sports activities, but also activities for relaxation and advice regarding healthy food and a positive mindset. By a healthy amount of exercise, regular relaxation and conscious food choices, you improve your fitness and vitality. A great mindset helps to maintain that. And benefit longer. At home ánd in the office. ODS is relevant for beginners and the advanced. The young and the old.

We can create a suitable programme for everyone. And you will receive help from the providers we have contracted. ODS target groups are, for example:

  • Athletes. We have a great many options, ranging from fitness to golf.
  • People leading a stressful life, in search of more balance.
  • People making conscious food choices. Because you want to focus on your weight, or because you are interested in the effect of nutrition.
  • People who need help to attain the right mindset.

Read the information of this page in our folder ‘Improve your personal vitality with ODS-Vitaal’.

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Who can become a member of ODS?

  1. Every employee of a company that has a contract with ODS. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete and up-to-date list of all the companies that have been contracted by ODS.
  2. Not only you but also your partner and living-at-home children (up to 22 years old) can become a member.
  3. Retired employees of companies contracted by ODS.

In the video we will show you step by step how you and your family members can register. Membership is only a few clicks away!

If you have found something you want to do in the offer, create an account at ‘My ODS’. You are not committed to anything, but you will see the prices of the activities there. In ‘My ODS’ you can also add your partner and/or children. You can do that right away, but you can also do it later.

The benefits of ODS for you, your partner and family members.

  1. You can choose any combination of activities that you like.
  2. You and your family can participate for free in the annual ODS events: ODS MTB tour, ODS Classic and ODS Autumn hike.
  3. You receive discounts at over 250 locations offering vitality activities in the field of Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset.

The combination is more than the sum of the parts:

Improve your vitality by a combination of activities and advice regarding Exercise, Relaxation, Nutrition and Mindset.

Sufficient and responsible exercise is essential for a vital life. ODS organizes sports activities for the young and the old. Beginner or advanced. Individuals or groups. We also offer programmes on departmental and company level.

People need to perform on many levels. At work, at home, in their social environment and last but not least, the digital world. How can we prevent them from collapsing under that pressure, sleeping badly and their energy draining away? ODS’ activities and programmes provide vital peace and focus.

We eat and drink every day without paying a lot of attention every minute of the day. ODS brings your knowledge up to date and makes people aware of the long-term effects of food. We consider food a source of vitality.

People and organizations that believe vitality can be improved by exercising more, relaxing better and eating healthier have the right mindset. That is essential to change employee behaviour and initiate culture change in your organization. The key is vital leadership, to create support, positive vibes and happiness at work.

The ODS Vitality options

Through ODS you can exercise, relax and learn all about nutrition and mindset. We have price arrangements and connections with many vitality providers. Our focus is on the South Limburg region. Choose your ideal vitality combination and benefit from nice discounts!

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Free for members: the annual ODS Events

ODS has a name and a tradition to uphold in organising events. The annual ODS Classic lives up to its name and is a real classic. This cycling tour for company teams has already taken place 26 times in the beautiful south of Limburg. Each year, more than 1200 participants arrive at the start. The ODS Festival in 2019 also welcomed 1200 people. They attended workshops, participated in sports and hikes, and were treated to great food and music. The ODS MTB Tour is a new activity, which is organized for the very first time on the request of enthusiastic members. The ODS Golf tournament is an ideal opportunity for networking and… an introduction to golf. The clinics are very popular. The final event of the season is traditionally the ODS Autumn hike. This is a favourite activity for the entire family. Walking through the wonderful countryside with catered lunch breaks and informative market stalls en route.

Saturday 15 June 2024

ODS-Vitaal Training Courses

The ODS Vital Training Courses in preparation for the ODS Classic. This way, you will be start-ready for the 30th anniversary edition!

Saturday 31 August 2024

ODS Classic 2024

A great cycle tour through South Limburg with 1000+ participants. For teams from organizations affiliated with ODS Vitaal and guest teams.

Sunday 27 October 2024

ODS Autumn Walk 2024

The ODS-Vitaal walk for young and old.

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Check here if your employer is a member of ODS

Below, you find a list of all the companies that have been contracted by ODS. Is your employer on the list? Congratz! Then you, your partner and other family members can start browsing our vitality options.
Is your employer not among those on the list? Please let us know. We might be able to open discussions with your employer. Please contact us on info@ods-vitaal.nl