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The passion of Bodywork is: sport and a fit lifestyle for everyone. Bodywork offers complete programs aimed at starting a new LIFESTYLE. You don't have to do these steps alone. Together with the team they help you map out the way. The lines at Bodywork in Roermond are short because you train in smaller groups. Together with the coaches, they monitor whether your wishes are fulfilled. Due to the small scale and safe environment, Bodywork promise you that you can now keep it up. It will be a pleasure to exercise. See if this suits you: small fitness, Pilates, Yoga, fitness training, etc...

New lifestyle? Bodywork is going to help you.

We offer the following subscriptions;

Group lessons/Small fitness 12 months (+UNLIMITED Group lessons)

Lifestyle 12 months (Incl. guidance + nutrition + unlimited group lessons)

Group lessons
Customized guidance
Nutritional guidance

Kapellerlaan 50
6041 JD Roermond



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