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You want to be happy again with who you are. You want to look in the mirror and be satisfied with what you see. You want to lose weight permanently, have a tighter body and an energetic appearance. We believe that looking good is not a goal in itself, but a means to empower you. Happy again with your figure and your weight.

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to shine, and so do you!

Whether you want to lose weight, tighten up locally or reduce cellulite. At Ladyline we go for an effective approach, aimed at a lasting result. With our innovative tracking system, we know exactly how you can realise your goals. Personal attention and a pleasant atmosphere are key.

You are not alone. At Ladyline you have Personal Coaches at your disposal who will guide you through the entire process. They have the expertise to help you realise your goals. They are professional women but also human beings. They understand like no other why you have come to Ladyline.

Your personal coach gives you the guidance you deserve. This is also the case during Energy Balance, in which you learn how to remain in charge of your eating habits. We do this in a way that suits you, because only then will you get the result you want.

You see: at Ladyline we have everything in house to make you feel good about yourself again. Because every woman deserves to shine. And so do you.

What are the possibilities at Ladyline?

At Ladyline, you receive personal guidance aimed at your personal wishes and goals, with a tailor-made plan. Together with your coach you determine your goals and how you want to achieve them. That is why every plan is unique.

At Ladyline you will find a total package for losing weight and improving your figure. Your treatment plan is always a combination of treatments, tailor-made for you.

These are the possibilities:

- Movement therapy
- Cellulite packs
- Compression therapy
- Cryolipolysis
- Energy measurement
- Lifestyle plan
- Personal Coaching
- Skin Refresh Therapy
- Vitality Check
- Nutrition advice

This is how our clients experience Ladyline

Janine: "Fortunately my dresses fit again!

"My condition was very poor. I noticed that when I went walking with the dog. But I found it difficult to go to the gym. Until it was almost holiday and I started to fit my summer clothes again. Drama! On the advice of a friend, I then started at Ladyline. In the beginning it was not easy, but the ladies dragged me through it. Now I have lost quite a few kilos and above all I am much tighter. Those dresses fit again and walking the dog is fine. I will keep it up now!

Diana: "I feel like a different person!"

"I had been struggling with my health for a long time. Nothing serious, but I kept catching a cold. And then again my back. Always something. That had to change. I wanted to become fitter. But going to the gym was not for me. That is why I went to Ladyline. I am very happy that I finally took the step. I finally have energy and condition again. My back hardly bothers me anymore. And I can't remember the last time I had a cold. I feel like a different person!

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Come along for information and advice

Would you like to know what possibilities suit you? Then drop by one of our branches for an introductory meeting. We will get to know each other and discuss your wishes and goals. We will then take an extensive measurement of your body measurements. We will also do a cellulite check and a full body analysis. This will give us the insights about which combination of our treatment methods suits you best. For this, we make a personal treatment plan.

You will receive benefits through ODS, at the offices in Ede, Hoensbroek (Heerlen), Landgraaf, Maastricht, Sittard, Valkenswaard and Veldhoven.


Top Slimming 2x per week
(energy and activity measurements, targeted exercises in the heat cabin, ozone oxygen therapy)

Basic Slimming 2x per week
(energy and activity measurements, targeted exercises in the heat cabin)

Compression therapy for fit, smooth and slim legs and buttocks, 24 treatments

Bodywraps Cellulite wraps, 8 treatments

Cryolipolysis local fat removal, 4 treatments/1 zone

One-time cost: €159.00 as contribution for activation EnergyBalance program
+ Resting metabolic measurement at the start
+ Repetitive metering during program
+ PAM activity measurement at start
+ Repeat PAM activity measurement during program
+ 10 weeks Mind Balance program
+ Mind Balance workbook
+ 6 weeks build up to personal energy level
+ Coaching on behavior and lifestyle during program
+ Access to the Ladyline App during program

Locations Ladyline: Ede, Hoensbroek, Heel, Landgraaf, Maastricht, Sittard, Valkenswaard, Veldhoven.

Training in heat cabin
Ozone-Oxygen Therapy


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