ODS Festival 2023

11 June 2023

Are you ready for the best day of the year?
ODS Vital Festival 11 June 2023

You are very welcome at the ODS Festival on June 11th. A day full of vitality for you, your colleagues, your partner and your children (living at home up to the age of 22). We have a varied program for young and old with activities in the field of Mindset, Exercise, Relaxation and Nutrition. The ODS Festival takes place in Kasteel Limbricht and on the adjacent estate. A beautiful festival environment with plenty of room for our vitality activities.

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Program Sunday 11 June 2023

There will be additions to this in the coming time, so it will only get more fun 😀!

Workshops and demonstrations by our vitality partners

Our vitality partners also provide action at the festival. We are happy with this support! There is plenty to experience in the field of Mindset, Movement, Relaxation and Nutrition.

  • Unwind in the Relax zone
  • Take part in the big Nutrition quiz led by our sports and nutrition coach André Mostard.

And much more to come!

Padel workshop

Have you ever played Padel? Not yet? Then you should definitely participate in the clinics of Padel Power Club Limbricht. Why participate?

  • You get to know this flashy and hip sport
  • You learn the rules of the game
  • You have a fun activity with your friends or colleagues

Bring your gym shoes!
8 clinics are given. 16 people can participate per clinic. Registration procedure follows.

Dance along in the Zumba workshops

Our vitality provider Van Der Valk Sportcenter provides swinging Zumba workshops. You can participate in this between 13.00 and 16.00. Let yourself go to the music.

Yoga and meditation sessions

We provide various yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions at the ODS Festival. Never done yoga? Then you can try that now. The mats are ready for you so that you can enjoy an inspiring and relaxing workshop. Namasté!

Prepare your favorite smoothie by bike

Choose the fruit you like and then take a seat on the ODS Vital Smoothie bike. This is how you kick together a healthy smoothie in a sustainable and sporty way!
What is your favorite? 🍓 Strawberry? Raspberry? 🍌 Banana? All together ?

Beer brewery tour

Discover how specialty beer Salvius gets its taste during one of the six guided tours through the brewery. An absolute must for every beer lover and people who brew their own beer. Could Salvius have something to do with sage…? Go see it, go taste it!

The starting times of the guided tours are on the board at the festival site.

Grill demonstration

Learn from the grill master and become a Grill Master yourself! Our grill expert is happy to share his knowledge with you. He explains everything about regulating the temperature, which times you should stick to and how you determine whether the meat is done. With those tips you will also grill the perfect piece of meat. Have fun grilling!

The demonstration lasts 20 minutes and is given six times.
Times are listed on the board.

Cultural tour of the estate and in the castle

The beautiful location, Landgoed Kasteel Limbricht, has an illustrious history. The Limbricht castle historian will show you all the interesting places and tell you the stories of the castle and the surrounding area. Join one of the eight groups and be surprised.

The starting times of the guided tours are on the board at the festival site.

Workshop: theater sword fighting

This will be an impressive experience. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will learn different techniques for handling a sword. It’s not really fighting but you learn to use a sword like actors do. So you work together with your fighting partner! It is educational, but also very fun and challenging.

The workshop is given eight times and takes place opposite the castle.
Times are listed on the board.

Relax in the Relax zone

Would you like to recover from all the impressions? That is also possible at the ODS Festival. In the Relax zone you can find inspiration about all kinds of ways to recharge yourself. A relaxing power nap is of course also part of that. You will learn everything about a good night’s sleep. Get started with the tips and you will sleep better and be fitter throughout the day.

Singing bowl sessions in the Relax zone

If you concentrate well on the sound (vibrations) of the singing bowls and gong you will enter a meditative state. That sound, those vibrations are not only nice for your ears but also for your body. We call this sound healing. If you listen to sound healing, you will notice that you can relax very well. You can experience this as daydreaming. New creative, inspiring ideas often arise at this level. The soothing sounds of sound healing can also make it easier for you to fall asleep and sleep better. So you don’t have to do anything. Just lie down and let the sounds wash over you. You will literally make a sound journey that can be felt in your body.

A sound healing session with singing bowls is: stress-reducing, gives peace of mind, you can concentrate better, you make contact with your inner voice and you experience peace and tranquility in your body and mind.

Two bike rides

Cycling with ODS Vitaal is always a joy. Every year we organize the Classic and the MTB tour for sporty cyclists. For recreational cyclists we have two beautiful routes during the ODS Festival:

The long journey of 55 km: with a break at the Hompesche Molen.
Enjoy the beautiful surroundings north of the festival site. Via Limbricht you go to Stevensweert where there is a break at the Hompesche Molen. There you can get coffee/tea with pie for an ODS coin. You then return to the festival site via Echt, Roosteren and Nieuwstadt. Until 5 p.m. you can still participate in the activities there or… relax on the terrace in the courtyard.

Short trip of 25 km: the Castle Tour
During this tour you will visit no less than six historical places: Castle Wolfrath, Huize Holtum, Castle Terborch, Castle Eykholt, Castle Born, and Castle Grasbroek. Afterwards you will return to Castle Limbricht and you can still enjoy the festival. On this route there is no ODS stop along the way.

Two walking tours

The estate of Kasteel Limbricht is beautiful, but the immediate surroundings are also beautiful. Be surprised by the peace and beautiful nature during a walk. We have two routes. Both start from the castle. Ask for more information at the ODS info desk.

The long tour is 11 km and the short 5 km.
There is no rest stop along the way, so please keep that in mind. On your return you can enjoy all catering and activities on the festival site.

Spectacular birds of prey show

Enjoy the fascinating world of birds of prey during the spectacular birds of prey show! Be mesmerized by the majestic flight of the falcons, hawks and owls and marvel at their unparalleled agility and speed. The professional falconers will tell you all about the habits and lifestyle of the animals. Whether you are young or old, a nature lover or just looking for an unforgettable experience, our birds of prey show is a must see.

The show is performed three times. Times are listed on the board.

Great ambiance with music in the courtyard of the castle

In the ‘Castle Age’ nobody knew the word yet: chilling. You can do that in the spacious courtyard. Enjoy your drink, your food, the music and of course the company. Before you start your next activity, you can relax and unwind here. Because relaxation is an important part of your vitality.

Nutrition Quiz

André Mostard (nutrition coach) will present the audience with a fun quiz with all kinds of facts and tips about nutrition.
You playfully learn all kinds of things about vitamins, carbs, sugar, salt, reading labels and how to snack responsibly 😊.
Fun to play with your colleagues or friends. Who is the Food Expert in your group?

Archery for young and old

Adults and children can learn archery under the guidance of expert instructors. This activity takes place opposite the castle in the green meadow. Join! Who knows, you might be the new Robin Hood!

Youth activities at the ODS Festival: from 5 to 25 years old 😂

Handball clinics

For everyone who wants to try handball and for all experienced handball players! Fun and active handball clinics. Learn and enjoy the tips of our ODS colleague and Eredivisie player Sabien Storken and some of her Geonius/V&L’s clubmates. For every age. We make groups that fit well together. ✋👍

Tug of war

Girls against the boys, or group of friends against group of friends, or three against ten or… just make up two teams. That’s all you need. Oh yes, a rope of course. We provide that and our competition leaders put you to work: three, two, one… pull!


Get moving with badminton! Anyone can do it, from young to old. So play a game with your colleague, child or partner. Moving with badminton makes you happy. Moving does you good!

Playing football

Kick a ball together and have fun. We have created football courts especially for the youth, but of course mom and dad can also participate!

For the children:
play, make-up and enjoy

Vital by playing, that is our goal for the children on this day. They can spend their energy at various games outside and inside. In addition, they can let their imagination run wild with face painting. Our face painters will turn you into a princess… or a lion or… or… imagine!

Of course there is also something delicious to eat and drink. Fries are allowed on such a busy day! And of course there are also healthy ‘fruit snacks’.

Riding pony

Take a trip with your friends through the castle grounds on the back of your favorite pony. Are you a little nervous? No problem, our guides will make sure that you and the ponies are having a good time. You will definitely become friends ❤️🐴

Delicious food and drinks complete the festival atmosphere

At the entry you will receive a wristband and a number of coins. Those are for drinks and food. For example, smoothie, coffee, tea, or soft drinks and food such as satay or other snacks. So report to the ODS desk immediately and your festival day can begin. Wear that wristband visibly so our people know you’re an ODS guest.

Have you run out of coins? No problem, you can also pay for drinks by debit card at the festival site.

Location and parking

The navigation address is:
Kasteel LimbrichtAllee 16141 AV Limbricht
There are parking spaces for bicycles and cars near Kasteel Limbricht. Follow the P signs.

Friendly request: Come on your bike!

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Text proposal:

The ODS Festival is on Sunday 11 June. A day full of vitality for the whole family. On the estate of Kasteel Limbricht, ODS Vitaal has organized a large number of activities in the field of Mindset, Exercise, Relaxation and Nutrition. Check out ods-festival.nl for details. You can also register your tickets there.

Looking back at the ODS Festival 2019

Check out the photos here or watch the video below. We’ll make it another great edition together this year!

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