It’s now time to let go

29 September 2020
29 September 2020

It has been in the air for a while but we have been allowed to push it forward. The cooler days. After an intense period it is nice that we were able to enjoy the beautiful late summer sun a little more. This summer we can retain energy for a while by ensuring that we continue the same rhythm of the summer months. Being outside, moving and getting up early helps us get through the day feeling refreshed and energized. The challenge is to move with nature and really listen. At the end of the summer, nature slowly withdraws. We can also respond to this natural energy that arises around us and within ourselves.
More peace and quiet by literally staying indoors in a pleasant warm homely atmosphere when the days are getting shorter. Embrace the energy that slows down in the early fall. The peace practically takes shape when you clean up, in your house, your body and your mind. The discoloration and loosening of the leaves also makes us think about what we no longer want to carry.

What is it time for you to let go?
Take a moment during the day where you know you will not be disturbed for about 10 minutes. Choose a nice place in your own environment and sit comfortably in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and allow yourself to let that which needs attention arise. What can be released? Trust that the system allows you to give attention to what needs attention at that moment. You can start by silently repeating a beautiful affirmation within yourself: “I trust that what I no longer need, or what I no longer need to hold on to, may go.” is completely okay. Every time in acceptance with a loving look inside. Speak out in silence: What is it time for you to let go? And repeat it for yourself so that it can form and the deeper faith in it can grow. You don’t have to fill it in, take the time to perceive what comes to mind and look at it like an observer. Keep coming back to the question. When you get a clear insight, smile at it and breathe in and out 10 times deeply. Then you close by taking a moment to feel which action is needed first to come to this letting go and finally thank yourself for this insight and that you may feel lighter and more in contact with yourself. Then stretch out and make a few movements that you find comfortable, so that you can continue your day recharged and refreshed.

Kind regards, Namasté,
Manon Simonis
Founder & Director | Senior yoga teacher & therapist
As a yoga teacher, owner of Yogaplace in Limburg, developer of body & mind processes for companies, I have been working very pleasantly with ODS for years. Director Kirsten Offermanns has a strong and clear vision about the future of ODS. As a body & mind coach, my expertise is closely linked to this and I will also provide a monthly blog through my knowledge and development of programs.