Say no to stress!

13 November 2023
13 November 2023

Say no to stress!

Unable to fall asleep in bed at night and worrying for hours on end
Waking up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep
Forgetfulness as if you have dementia
Easily triggered
So tired after work that all you can do in the evening is hang out on the couch

Do you recognize this? Chances are you suffer to a greater or lesser extent from stress.

And you are certainly not the only one. The TNO-2022 factsheet work stress [1] shows that

These are all impressive numbers that reflect the seriousness of the situation and highlight the urgency to do something about it.

Our contemporary lifestyle causes increased stress levels in many people. Chronic stress prevents the body from returning to its resting state and is at the root of a large number of disorders and diseases [2].

The combination of mental pressure, too much to do, too little or too one-sided exercise and an unhealthy diet are one of the main causes.

What can you do about this yourself?

Here are some tips against stress [3]:

A whole list of tips! Some perhaps a little easier to fit into your day than others. The important thing is that you take action, say no to stress! Take care of yourself and make the right choices: just because you are worth it!

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