A new beginning

20 January 2020
20 January 2020

A new beginning

The first weeks of the new year are already over. For some, 2020 is a new start and for the others, 2020 is just a year where you continue with the same habits as the years before.
During the holidays you enjoyed a lot of food and drinks and you may have gained some weight or have a quenched feeling. This can be the result of eating too much, too often and unhealthily during December.
In the first few weeks of January I already received a number of questions about how you can get back in line quickly. It is not difficult but requires some discipline. With the tips below you have a new beginning.
Eat normally and get hungry
Your stomach has become larger due to the abundance of food. That is not so bad because it can also get smaller. Due to the extra space, it may be that you feel hungry sooner than normally. When you pay attention to your weight and do not want to eat too much, a sense of hunger is certainly not desirable. So definitely try not to eat anymore because then it keeps getting more and more. Start by picking up your old rhythm. Certainly 3 main meals and 1 or 2 snacks.
What helps and what doesn’t help
When food is rich in proteins, it will make you feel fuller for longer. Food that is rich in complex carbohydrates and unprocessed ensures that the energy is slowly absorbed by your body. You may also have heard of a low glycemic index. These products also give you a full feeling for a longer time. This is partly caused by the fibers that are in it (vegetables, fruit, whole-grain products).
Avoid the products that are high in sugar and low in fiber. These products give energy quickly but also give you a feeling of hunger very quickly. For instance white bread, chips, cookies, cakes, but also dairy products with flavors.
It is not just about the solid diet that you eat but also the liquids you drink. Soft drinks and alcohol have the same effect.
If you want to eat something in between then that’s really not that difficult.

Tasty and daring
You will find a lot of possibilities in a search for healthy dishes. Last week I made something different.
Vegetable sprouts with homemade granola and low-fat yogurt.

Because of the presence of sprouts you get a large amount of antioxidants that stop and eliminate the free radicals in our body. Think of the exhaust fumes from the car. Vegetable sprouts are a good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers! Just like oatmeal, it is a small but healthy addition to our diet.
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André Mostard is a sports nutrition coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes a blog for ODS with practical tips to make you feel good!
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