Better sports performance through the use of a supplement

21 May 2022
21 May 2022

Better sports performance through the use of a supplement

Now that spring has arrived, many endurance athletes are getting on their bikes or preparing for a long-distance run. The question that is often asked in the spring is about the use of supplements. Do you get better by using one or more supplements? Yes and no. Supplements can make a major contribution to your sports performance, but they also have instructions for use.

The beginning
By using only a supplement you will not perform better. It starts with a healthy lifestyle. Choose a tasty, healthy, varied and balanced diet. The basic diet consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc. What goes in and what is needed must be completely in balance. You can use multivitamins, but if they are not made from the right ingredients or from synthetic material, then they are of no use. The basic nutrition must therefore first be properly coordinated.

If the balance is disturbed, something is not right with you as an athlete. If you have a shortage of something, you have to supplement it. It is wise to get good advice about this. On the internet you will find a huge number of providers that all promise the world. Forget that. It just starts with you: your mindset and your basic nutrition.

Additional Supplements
Now I hear you think, “Then why supplements?” Supplements are important for the athlete who regularly exercises. If you get on your bike once a week and ride a round around the church, then the basic nutrition will suffice and on the day you start cycling one extra whole-wheat slice of bread and a banana. If you exercise fanatically more than once a week, targeted supplements are a desirable addition. Targeted? Yes, targeted. You should see supplements as an addition to your daily lifestyle and diet. So you should not just use something because the neighbor does too.

Which supplements
Throughout my own sports career I have used numerous supplements. One was sponsored or purchased by the club, the other I bought myself. I soon learned that supplements are not only about quality, but also about taste and finally the cost. For example, I had a supplement that was quite okay but was almost three times more expensive than a comparable brand. I was sponsored a supplement that bears the quality mark of the NZVT (Dutch Security System for Nutritional Supplements Top Sport). This quality mark indicates that the batch of the supplement has been checked for prohibited substances and has been found to be good. The taste and effect of the supplement were just not right. It is therefore extremely important that you use a supplement that suits you. In many cases, the advice is: choose customization.

Purpose of a supplement
The purpose of a supplement is to supplement the basic (sports) nutrition. A supplement focuses on a faster recovery, replenishment of energy, shortages in other nutrients and getting sick less often.

Supplement advice
My search for a suitable supplement has taken many years. As I wrote before, it simply has to meet a number of (personal) conditions. I have been using SupQ for a few years now. This Dutch product (or rather Limburg product) meets all requirements when it comes to endurance sports. SupQ does not focus on the complete sports industry but has developed a product that is purely aimed at endurance sports. In addition, it is substantiated by research, they work together with various sports dieticians and the products have been extensively tested on Dutch laws and regulations.

If you look at which supplements from SupQ contain my personal preference, they are the following:

SupQ isotone drink lemon
If you are engaged in your endurance sport for more than 60 minutes, a well-functioning and tasty isotonic drink is a real asset. This isotonic drink is extremely hydrating and certainly does not have an overly sweet taste. It does not stick in the mouth and has approximately the right ratio of carbohydrates and minerals. It replenishes lost carbohydrates and minerals. A 500 ml bottle of isotonic drink also replenishes one third of the amount of magnesium. One of the important minerals that an endurance athlete loses quickly. My preference in taste is with the isotone drink lemon.

If you are an athlete who sweats more than the average athlete, you also lose a lot of salts. Then the ORS drink Peach is ideal for you. It is rich in electrolytes and replenishes the deficiencies.

SupQ energy bar apple cinnamon
For the endurance athlete, the sports meal alone is usually not sufficient. The sports meal is sufficient for 5 to 10 km. But longer distances require the replenishment of your carbohydrates. Many athletes make the mistake of taking a gel. These gels consist only of sugar. This will immediately raise your sugar level. That’s fine for the last 5 km, but if you still have a long way to walk or cycle, it’s better to make up for the shortfalls in another way. The SupQ energy bar has the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Due to the compact composition of this bar and the subtle taste, you will not get an excessively sweet bar or bar that crumbles in your throat. These bars come in different flavors. My personal preference is the SupQ apple cinnamon bar with green tea.

SupQ recovery shake
If you exercise regularly, it is important to let your muscles recover properly. Yet in many cases recovery is forgotten or thought of too late. With endurance sports it is important that you replenish the muscle glycogen on time. If you only do this with the well-known protein shake, it will not work. In endurance sports, carbohydrates are not only the source of energy but also an important link for recovery. If you do not or hardly recover, more muscle damage will occur and your body will not improve in sport. My personal preference for the recovery shake is SupQ recovery strawberry.

SupQ latest products
New SupQ products are regularly launched on the market. These new products are selected according to the needs of the athletes. At SupQ, the wishes of the athlete come first. Products can be developed that they think are good in the market, but the opinion and wishes of the athlete are very important.

I understand that you are thinking: “The above story is a sales pitch for the SupQ products”. As a Sports Nutrition Coach, I receive various offers every month to promote and test products. Usually the packages I receive are viewed and returned to the sender. The SupQ product fits in with the vision of the Sports Nutrition Coach. With a well-founded supplement you can perform better. However, it starts with the right basic nutrition. So make sure it’s in order. You don’t know how to pick up the basic nutrition. Please contact ODS Vitaal. There are various programs where I can help you with nutrition.

Andre Mostard
Sports nutrition coach

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