Carefree on holiday? How do you do that?

17 July 2023
17 July 2023

Carefree on holiday? How do you do that?

It’s countdown time. Your well-deserved summer vacation is coming! Just push through to properly complete those last days before your leave: meet deadlines, hand over work! Research shows that going on vacation often causes stress. This while we often need our vacation so much to rest, switch off and let go of the daily stress completely.

Do you want to go on holiday carefree and come back relaxed? Here are some tips!

Make a to-do list
Has your last working week started? Then start with a to-do list: what still needs to be done this week and what can wait or can your colleagues take over? Is there still something in between that really needs to be finished? Check your to-do list to see if there’s anything that can move on. Not everything is urgent and not everything has to be done now.

Travel relaxed
Make sure you have a few days off before you go on vacation. For example, you can use the weekend to switch off and leave at the beginning of the week. This way you can enjoy the holiday in peace and go on a relaxed journey. This reduces the chance of getting sick by taking rest – an annoying side effect of stress.

Leave your work at home
Actively decide what to leave at home. That helps to get into a relaxed mindset. The mobile phone, your laptop, the work stress, the login code to your work email, your thoughts of that annoying colleague. Make it an unpacking list and consciously put it out of your system for the duration of your holiday. [1]

Provide anticipation
What would you like to do during your holiday, what would you like to see? Do some google research to get in the holiday mood! [2]
What items would you like to take with you: a book, some magazines, your favorite bikini? Put your suitcase in the bedroom and put some things in it so that you already get in the mood.
Do you have children? Then it is nice to make a countdown calendar. Hang the countdown calendar in a place where you visit every day.

Live healthy
Optimal relaxation? Take care of your body during the holidays like a best friend! Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, moderate alcohol consumption, enjoy the outdoors and get your body moving a little more: walking, swimming, surfing, cycling. All activities to optimally support your body.
And of course don’t forget: give yourself a little more sleep than usual. Sleep enhances the recovery of your body.
The holidays are also an ideal time to reflect. What can I give myself to experience less stress during the year? Fit in a short meditation as a starter of your working day? More attention to healthy eating? More movement? It will all help you stay balanced so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

Have a relaxed return home
Make sure you don’t have to start working immediately after your holiday. It’s nice to be able to recover from the trip, unpack quietly, do the holiday laundry, and get used to the daily rhythm at home again. And do you want to hold on to that holiday feeling for as long as possible? Then don’t plan your agenda immediately full of actions, but make sure you still have some space to update the backlog in your emails and to coordinate with your colleagues so that you are fully up to date again and start fresh and fruity again. can go!

I wish you a happy holiday, let go and enjoy to the fullest!


[1] Work to Live. The guide to getting a life, 2003,  Joe Robinson
[2]10 tips om uitgerust en ontspannen op vakantie te gaan, Wendy Borst