Customize your nutrition plan

25 February 2019
25 February 2019

If you search for ‘nutrition plan’ on the internet, you end up with more than half a million suggestions. Some indicate ‘FREE’. That sounds tempting. Because why pay for something if it is free to get? Well, that’s a good question.
Everyone eats differently
When I give a presentation for a group of people, I always ask: why has everyone a different nutrition patron? Allergies, taste development, religious convictions, occupation, vegetarian, vegan, everyone makes choices. Ever thought of the possibility that a man has different nutritional needs than a woman? That a woman will eat differently during the menopause and will have different eating needs?
So … is a free nutrition advice printed from the internet useful? No. It will just get you frustrated because it does not work.
Customization will work
Have you ever applied for a job? Then you want to have company information before you start writing. How many people work there? What is the culture? Do they have good facilities, etc. This is the case with food and nutrition advice as well. When I talk about nutrition with someone, I want to know a lot of (personal) things. Not only what your goals are but also what you have already done to achieve these goals. What your hobbies are, what you eat and drink every day, do you sleep well? Are you fit or do you spend a long time on the couch? Do you prepare your own lunch or do you visit the cafeteria frequently? Of course, your biological data is also important. In this way I can make a good plan to work with you. The food diary plays an important role in this approach.
You have to learn everything
It is precisely that personal touch that will make the difference. A customised nutrition plan in combination with personal attention will help you to achieve your goals. No, not in 2 weeks but over a longer period of time and without yo-yo effect. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, better sports performance (recovery) or just a more vital ‘ME’. Without customization and without perseverance you will not get there.
So, what to do tomorrow? Google ‘free nutrition plan’ or do you contact ODS for the personal customized approach?
You can easily recognize an avocado
There is a lot of talk about the avocado. Importantly, how do I know if my avocado is ready for consumption? Actually, not difficult at all. If the avocado is hard it has a sour taste. Check the beginning of the stalk. You can take of the cap with 2 fingers. If the avocado is tasty and ripe, then the colour underneath is lighter. If the avocado is too ripe and brown on the inside, the colour under the cap is darker. My preference will therefore always be for a clear colour.