Energetic through the summer

4 July 2022
4 July 2022

Energetic through the summer

Summer, an active season in which you want to do more and do more. The temperatures are higher and it is light for longer. The season to open up and connect. You may experience that you are more concerned with the people and the world around you and that you pay less attention to yourself. All the more important to take a moment for yourself. We share some tips and exercises with you.

Make time for yourself

Whether at home, on vacation or in nature. Create a place with a nice atmosphere where you can do your thing undisturbed. You don’t have to stand on the mat for an hour and perform all kinds of complicated yoga poses – yoga involves much more than performing a number of poses on the mat. You can also think of other exercises such as pranayama (breathing exercises) or a body scan. The important thing is that you take the time to get into the here and now and connect with yourself. Feel how you are doing and what you need.

An energetic start to your day

Do you want to feel fit and energetic this summer? Get up early in the morning and take a moment for yourself before jumping into on mode and doing all kinds of things. It is light early in the summer. During sunrise, nature awakens and there is a lot of prana (life energy) in the air. A great moment to start your day energetically by performing a sun salutation!

During the day you can take a moment and use your senses to get into the here and now. Look around you, what can you observe? Objects, colors, structures. Do you hear sounds? Are these far away or close by? Maybe you smell a certain smell, can you sense the temperature or taste something?

A cooling breathing exercise

To help cool down the body on a hot summer day, you can perform the Sitali breathing exercise. Stick out your tongue and curl the sides of the tongue up to create a straw-like shape. Breathe in slowly and feel the cooling air flowing into the body. Breathe out slowly through the nose.



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