Improve your energy balance

29 April 2024
29 April 2024

Improve your energy balance

We live in a busy world, full of events that affect our lives and our energy. But how often do you ask yourself what really influences you or drains your energy? I like to use Stephen Covey ‘s concepts of the Circles of Influence and Engagement to deal with this.

The Circle of Influence includes all aspects of your life over which you have direct control: your own behavior, your reactions, your thoughts, your choices, your goals and the actions to achieve them. But also your attitude, mindset, values and way of communicating. By being aware of these and actively working to improve them, you increase your influence, which has a positive effect on your life.

The Circle of Involvement includes things you worry about but have no direct control over, such as other people’s behaviors and decisions, the economy or world events. By learning to deal with these in a healthy and more productive way, you can improve your sense of control and well-being.

So both circles encompass different aspects of your life but are closely related and overlapping. However, it is essential to know the distinction between these two circles. Focusing on what you can change (Circle of Influence) increases your effectiveness and control which has a positive effect on your life. Whereas focusing on things you have no control over (Circle of Involvement) can actually lead to stress.

Get to work!

  1. Be aware of where you are focusing your attention and energy. Focus on the things you can actually make a change in.
    Does a cluttered house annoy you? Focus on what you can change yourself. Organize your own space and follow your personal cleaning schedule. This may even inspire others.
  2. Learn to deal with what is beyond your control by letting go more or finding ways to increase your influence on these things. Concerned about climate change? Focus on personal actions such as eating less meat and biking more, look for sustainability tips and share them with others. This is how you contribute to a healthy climate within your means.

An important part of increasing your circle of influence is proactive behavior rather than just being reactive. By being proactive rather than reactive and focusing on what is truly within your control, you not only increase your impact but also increase your life energy. Therefore, stop wasting your energy on the unchangeable and focus more on what you can influence and thus better balance your energy.

Book tip: “De Zeven Eigenschappen van Effectief Leiderschap” from Stephen R. Covey.