How are your last weeks of 2019?

16 December 2019
16 December 2019

How are your last weeks of 2019?

Holiday feeling or stress
There is a good chance that you have a Christmas holiday. But maybe in the coming days you still have to ensure a little turnover. Or do you still have to win a major contract before the end of the year. Or maybe you worry about whether you will get that contract in 2020. It is time to relax. Let go of the worries and get the stress out of your body. During the Christmas holidays you have time to rest, to recharge your battery. This is desperately needed because you can be exhausted by stress. Stress is a wear and tear not only physically but also mentally. If you have too much stress, you are more susceptible to illness. You get all kinds of physical complaints and you can end up getting stressed or getting burned out. “RELAX eat an apple” I sometimes tell my daughter who is in the middle of puberty.
Some choices have already been made
Do you think your boss will decide on Christmas Eve whether you will get a contract? He or she has decided that much earlier.
Do you doubt whether that one big client in the new year is still a client? If your customers are satisfied then they do not leave suddenly. You would have noticed signals long before now.
And meet targets before the end of the year? Put down on paper what you really need to do before the end of the year and … what you can postpone. I am sure that you will have time and reach your target easily.
So now you have a vacation!
Switch off your telephone.
No phone calls about work, no emails, no whatsapp from your colleagues. Just have nice family and friends around you.
Reading is relaxing. Reading eliminates your outside world. Wonderful that rest. Do you not like to read? Then listen to music or a reading book.
Walking and getting a breath of fresh air. The Christmas holiday is a great time for a nice walk. Many people have two weeks off. Take the car and find unknown territory. Go for a walk along the coast or in the forest. I recently visited Vijlen. Walked 10 kilometers with the dog and afterwards had a delicious pea soup at the Het Hijgende Hert in Vijlen.
Consider the above tips; “Not for me, I really have to rest”. Then visit the sauna for a day. You can book beautiful sauna days through ODS, by the way.

I wish you all happy holidays and enjoy your loved ones around you.

Do you want to eat something tasty during your vacation?
Spaghetti with green asparagus tips, arugula lettuce and grated aged cheese.
Cook the spaghetti according to the label, stir-fry the asparagus tips, drain the spaghetti and put it under the asparagus tips.
Mix in the arugula and grate the cheese over it. Alternatively you can also add sun-dried tomatoes.
André Mostard is a sports nutrition coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes a blog for ODS with practical tips to make you feel good! Sports nutrition coach André Mostard. Sportvoedingscoach André Mostard