No one is perfect

21 January 2019
21 January 2019

Just to be fair; the holidays are the days when we eat something extra, right? That applies to most people and therefore also to me. I don’t like candy that much but during the holidays I can’t resist an extra piece of rabbit or enjoy a nice piece of old cheese. 
After the holidays, we must compensate. Do you have the strength to do that? One succeeds easily but the other does not know how to start. Whether it concerns sports, exercise, sleep, nutrition or general well-being. Changing your lifestyle in the new year is difficult. Why can not you change? Because others don’t change either? Because you do not have the strength to do it? Do not look at what others do, but first look after yourself!
You are the person that wants to adopt a different lifestyle in 2019.
You are the person that came up with good intentions on New Year’s Eve.
You are the person that shook hands with your friends, family and colleagues and wished the very best wishes. Well, start now.
Set yourself achievable goals
Do not get rid of all unhealthy food immediately. If you do that, your new lifestyle won’t last long. It is really not a disaster if you eat unhealthy once a week. Make a note of the days you should eat healthy and note a maximum of two unhealthy moments. An unhealthy lunch or dinner from the local fast food chain.
A strong example
Before Christmas I spoke with someone who wanted to lose weight. And yes, this person wanted to start just before the holidays. “Why wait until the new year if I can start this year”. We created a personal nutrition and exercise analysis and then a planning with goals. This person knew that choices had to be made and that during the holidays “no thank you” had to be said. This person called me proudly at the beginning of 2019 to say that more than 6 kg were gone!
We will definitely achieve the goal because this person is driven, gets support from the people around him/her and he/she is supported by the coach.
Make choices
If you want to eat healthy, you need to know what healthy is. Then you have to make choices in the store. You have to be strong to resist chips and soft drinks. You have to dare to say “no” to a piece of custard and know when you’ve eaten enough. With a real goal in mind, you make the right choices more easily.
A funny fact about male and female peppers
Looking at the bottom of a pepper, you see three or four bumps. A female pepper has four bumps and a male three. The male peppers has fewer seeds and is therefore more suitable for baking. The female pepper has more seeds and is sweeter. This one is therefore more suitable for eating raw. Whichever pepper you choose, eat healthy!
I wish you all a healthy month with the right choices!

André Mostard is a Sport Nutrition Coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes an article for ODS with good practical tips to make you feel good!
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