Oatmeal is worth gold

9 August 2019
9 August 2019

Oatmeal is worth gold

By André Mostard
Nearly every week an article is published with the subject ‘oatmeal’. Also my clients see oatmeal appearing in their personal nutrition plan. Oatmeal is trendy, hip and stylish. But is oatmeal really this good?
As a young athlete you may have a dream. Playing professional football. Riding the Tour de France. Or maybe win gold at the Olympics. Anyway, if you have a dream you want it to come true. Good nutrition helps you with this. And … does oatmeal help as well?
What is oatmeal?
Oatmeal is made from oat grains that are crushed and cut. If this is not the case, we are talking about oat flakes. Because oatmeal is a full grain product, it contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal belongs to the whole grain products.
Oatmeal lowers cholesterol
Certainly you have seen products in the supermarket with health claims. For example: “Good for the heart” or “at least 5 kg per month weight loss” or “rich in …”. These claims are often incorrect. Oatmeal has a health claim that you do not see on the package. Oatmeal lowers cholesterol because it contains beta-glucans. This substance is a soluble fiber that can absorb a lot of moisture in the intestines and thereby binds cholesterol. This has been scientifically proven. Manufacturers do not use the claim because you need a minimum of 3 grams of this soluble fiber. That means you have to eat 80 grams of oatmeal.
Lowering blood glucose level
These liquid fibers (beta-glucans) also ensure that your blood glucose level does not rise as quickly. After eating oatmeal, your blood glucose level will rise less quickly and therefore remain more stable. Because of this you will have a ‘nice and satisfied’ feeling for longer and you will not ‘snack’ so quickly.
Comparison: oatmeal, cornflakes, Brinta and cruesli
Breakfast with good grains is a great start of the day. Many dietitians or nutritionists would rather see you eating good breakfast cereals than a quick and unhealthy breakfast. We compare a few cereals with oatmeal. Brinta made from wheat. Cornflakes made from corn. And cruesli also known as the sugared muesli.
Nutritional value per 40 grams

Breakfast cereal Carbohydrates Of which sugar Fiber
Oatmeal 24 grams 0,3 grams 4 grams
Cornflakes 33,6 grams 3,2 grams 0,9 grams
Brinta 26 grams 1,6 grams 4 grams
Cruesli 19,5 grams 7,4 grams 1,7 grams

Is oatmeal worth gold?

Yes! Oatmeal fits in a balanced diet and, unlike other breakfast cereals, is 99% gluten-free. If you suffer from celiac disease then it is good to buy oatmeal which carries the claim ‘gluten free’. The people I guide, athlete and non-athlete, benefit greatly from oatmeal. They see their cholesterol lowering in their measurements. And that’s good for your body. And now … get started with Overnight oatmeal.

On my website you will also find a recipe for oatmeal pancakes!
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André Mostard is a sports nutrition coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes an article for ODS with useful practical tips to make you feel good!
Sports nutrition coach André Mostard