André Reinaerdts Breathing Coaching

5 August 2022
5 August 2022

André Reinaerdts: “Where in the past ODS was mainly focused on exercise, it has managed to turn towards vitality.”

André has a connection with ODS Vitaal in several ways. He is an active athlete and participant and collaborator in the ODS Classic. In addition, he recently discovered breathing coaching. A new aspect of ODS Vitaal that he would like to share with you. André is also a board member of ODS Vitaal and has therefore experienced the transition of ODS up close and contributed to it in recent years.

Do you want to get in touch with ODS about the vitality offer as a result of this info and video? Which can. We offer tailor-made activities on a personal, departmental and organizational level. Call or email!

It will be the start of a vital collaboration, if it is up to us.