Happiness at work for SABIC

10 May 2021
10 May 2021

3-Year programme ‘Happiness at work’

Designed together with the vitality ambassadors and managers

Question from SABIC Technical to ODS-Vitaal:
Submit a sustainable program to increase the work in our employees in which managers and in particular the Vitality ambassadors become actively involved in the composition.

Solution of ODS:
We have started steps 1 of our approach to a Lean & Mean inventory. All relevant documents (e.g. PMO) have been studied. Subsequently, interactive interviews sessions have been done with managers and vitality ambassadors to find out which work pressure and which work trust employees experience currently in practice. To increase the awareness of stress sources, signaling and energy sources, these employees have followed an interactive workshop  ‘from workload to workhappiness’. Where every participant has formulated concrete actions for himself at the end. The information collected from the inventory phase is the basis for our advice. We have mentioned this in a report with recommendations in the field of office design, work agreements, connection & communication, mission / vision and the development of competencies / knowledge / skills. This report has been discussed with the Vitality ambassadors. After which concrete actions are defined that partly arrested by SABIC itself and partly by ODS.
ODS has compiled a varied pallet of workshops in the field of the development of competence / knowledge / skills within the vitality pillars and relaxation from which employees can choose (step 2 of our approach). Examples are: growth mindset for work happiness, personal and vital leadership. Up Against stress and relaxation & balance workshops on mindfulness, breathing coaching and stress-less. The duration of this program was 3 years.

The first program has been completed. Enthusiastic Vitality Ambassadors who are fully behind the program due to their intensive involvement in the composition and evaluation of the package. Managers who have perminent attention for the theme and what is needed for this.  Structural organization attention for the theme because employees can develop 3 years in this area. But mostly very enthusiastic reactions from the employees. The average score of all workshops (both online and on location) is an 8.5.

Quotes from the evaluation forms:

“ODS-Vitaal has rolled out an excellent project: they have expertise, there is 1 contact person, there are short lines of communication. The most important thing: our employees have started working on it and they are enthusiastic! ”

Peter van den Heuvel
SABIC Technical, Management Team member

“Employees learn to understand in an interactive way about what gives them energy, their involvement and their influence. It is good to see that at the end of the workshops employees have grasped how they can improve their job satisfaction and energy.”

Ilse Lucassen
Stress and burnout coach


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