Swimming pool De Joffer Voerendaal

At De Joffer Voerendaal, you can (learn to) swim, play sports and relax in the sauna. Are you coming soon with your family, grandpa or grandma? You can enjoy playing around in the water with your friends on the mats, or get fit fast during one of the Aquasport group lessons. In short, De Joffer in Voerendaal offers various activities. From young to old, you can come to them for a sporty day out.


The offer

Activity Additional payment member*
Swimming lanes and recreational 0,00
Swimming lanes and recreational for youth 0,00
Aquajogging incl. wetbelt (rent on site or buy your own) 3,53
Aquajogging excl. wetbelt (rent on site or buy your own) 0,00
Aquagym 0,88
Gym Fit (MBVV) 0,88
Trim fit 0,88
Baby and toddler swimming 0,88
Registration and scanning pass 20,00

*ODS-Vitaal is not responsible for price changes of activities and facilities at the pool.