Swimming pool In de Bandert Echt

In de Bandert, Echt’s indoor swimming pool, you will find a sporty competition pool with fast starting blocks, a therapeutic target group pool with movable floor and water temperature of 31.5º Celsius, a relaxing whirlpool, a twisting water slide, a paddling pool for toddlers and a cosy sports bar. In de Bandert offers visitors almost daily the opportunity to swim laps in a sporty way in the competition pool measuring 25 x 12.5 metres. The competition pool has a temperature of 28.5º Celsius.

The pool has a completely new therapeutic target group pool measuring 15 x 9 metres with a water temperature of 31.5º C. At several times during the week, visitors can also use the target group pool for recreational lane swimming. The conditions are very suitable for visitors with complaints such as fibromyalgia, rheumatism and arthritis.


Senior active

Exercising in the water is the ideal way to keep your bones and muscles strong, improve your coordination and keep in shape without the added risk of injury. Besides all these benefits, it is of course just great fun to be active in a group and have a cup of coffee together in the sports bar afterwards.

Senior Active lessons are taught by enthusiastic and expert swimming instructors and last 1 hour. A lesson consists of 15 minutes of free swimming, 30 minutes of muscle and fitness exercises, followed by 15 minutes of free swimming or relaxing in the whirlpool.


The offer

Activity Additional payment member*
Entrance up to 14 years 0,00
Entrance up to 16 years 0,00
Entrance senior/disabled 0,00
Adults 0,00
Splash show, disco swimming 0,00
Seniors Active 0,00
Baby/toddler swimming 0,00
*Aqua sports 20,00 p/m
** Registration fee 11,50 one-time only


*ODS-Vitaal is not responsible for price changes of activities and facilities at the pool.
**To participate in any of the aqua sports, please contact aquasporten@menswel.nl. In de Bandert works with a direct debit of €20 based on 12 months. A subscription with an initial contract term of 12 months, thereafter terminable per month, with 1 month’s notice.
***Subscription is only necessary for the activities senior active and aqua sports.

View the current opening hours of swimming pool In de Bandert Echt here.