This is how you ensure a relaxed (home) workplace

26 October 2021
26 October 2021

This is how you ensure a relaxed (home) workplace

In the past year and a half, many have started working from home, and for some this will remain so for the time being. When your workplace is at home, in your safe zone, it is important to take extra good care of yourself. I would like to share tips on how to create a responsible way of working from home. These tips also apply when you do work on location.

Set up a good workplace
When you work (part time) at home, it is important that you set up a separate workplace, according to your own needs, in order to work efficiently. Consult with your employer whether you can borrow screens, desk chair and other materials. Prevent a bad posture at work, provide sufficient light and fresh air and create a healthy workplace for body and mind.

Time to ground and recharge
Spend time outside every day and boost your immune system – do earthy things, work in the garden, play outside with your child, walk the dog. Dance to your favorite songs and take an evening meditation session to end your day, calm your mind and sleep well.

Regular short breaks
Take “micro-breaks,” at least five minutes every hour. Preferably also do short relaxation exercises. Practice shows that this time leads to more concentration and relaxation during work and is therefore easily earned back.

Yoga through your screen
It seems impossible, but it is possible: yoga at your (home) workplace. Many who have already experienced it, also feel a personal connection with their colleagues and trainer through the screen. You temporarily forget the screen and you recharge, because this tool directs you inwards with attention to your body and frees you from worries and distracting thoughts.

What do you need?
Do you not feel grounded, less sharp, more tired and do you experience more stress? Then think about what you need. Maybe it helps to start or end your day with a meditation. A short yoga session in the middle of your working day, to step out of the crowds and check in with yourself again. Or maybe you need personal guidance. Write down what you notice in yourself during a working day, what you feel, and think about what could support you in this.

Sincerely, Namaste,
Manon Simonis


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