Vitality at work

In modern working life, more and more people are recognising the importance of vitality in the workplace. But what does this actually mean for both employers and employees?

What is vitality?

Vitality is not just about going to the gym twice a week. Vitality is a much bigger concept and includes several pillars, such as mental health, an active lifestyle, relaxation and nutrition.

A healthy mindset is super important for your well-being. Thinking positively and being flexible helps you stay mentally fit. Building a positive mindset means knowing yourself well, thinking positively and seeing challenges as opportunities to grow. Think of things like meditation, mindfulness and taking enough rest.

Exercise is good for your body! It keeps you fit, ensures good circulation and makes your immune system stronger. Regular exercise helps your body adapt to different situations and is important for staying healthy. If you exercise enough, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gloominess and dementia.

Relaxation is incredibly important for both your mental and emotional well-being. People are burdened from various sides, whether by work, family obligations, social interactions or the digital world. So it is crucial to consciously set aside time for yourself to relax. It is a chance to let go, release stress and recharge.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting physical and mental vitality. A balanced diet, rich in nutrients and fibre, contributes to good health and energy levels. It is important to be aware of what you eat every day and how it affects your long-term functioning.

Working vitally

Working vitally, an approach of interest to both employers and employees, emphasises maintaining and promoting health and well-being in the working environment. For the employer, this involves investing in an environment that promotes the physical, mental and social well-being aspects of employees. This can range from ergonomic workplace design to encouraging a healthy work-life balance and offering programmes that promote health. The result of vitality in the workplace? Reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and a positive image for the company. These actions are often implemented by HR or vitality management. For the employee, working vitally means proactively pursuing a balanced life, where work and private life come together in balance. It means taking care of your body and mind by getting enough rest, relaxation and attention to personal growth.

Employees who address this tend to feel less stress, show more resilience and perform better in the long run. The value of vital working lies in how each organisation approaches it. It is not just a standard package of measures, but rather a customised policy that fits the specific needs and goals of a company and its employees. Thus, vital working becomes not only an investment in well-being, but also a smart choice that highlights an organisation’s unique identity and growth. It encourages not only healthy relationships between employers and employees, but also sustainable success of the organisation. It is a flexible and customised route towards wellbeing, making each organisation unique in its approach to vital working. That is why ODS-Vital’s mission is: vital organisations through vital employees.

Tips for workplace vitality

Now that we have a clear understanding of vitality and vital working, we would like to share with you some tips to promote vitality in the workplace. Find out how to create a healthy and energetic working environment, for both employers and employees. ODS-Vitaal can make your organisation and employees vital and fit in a sustainable way. We also offer various activities specifically for you as an employee.

Mental health

Employer: Encourage employees to share their concerns and challenges, and make sure they feel heard. You can do this by organising regular feedback sessions or offering workshops. These workshops can range from breathing exercises to mindfulness techniques, giving employees practical tools to deal with stress. Also support a healthy work-life balance by encouraging flexible working hours, for example. The aim is to create an environment where everyone feels good and can talk openly about their well-being. ODS-Vitaal has put together an in-company programme under the motto ‘from work pressure to work happiness’.

Employee: It is important to regularly include short breaks in your working day, not only to relax, but also as a way to prevent stress. If you notice that stress is increasing, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather of resilience and self-care. It is okay to seek support when needed.

Keep moving

Employer: Consider offering sports facilities to your employees or subsidising fitness subscriptions to encourage physical activity and promote the general well-being of your staff. This can range from traditional gym memberships to participation in group exercise classes, yoga, or other forms of exercise that suit individual interests. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle tailored to the employee can result in sustained engagement and increased workplace satisfaction. Internal activities for department or team are also recommended. ODS-Vitaal offers these as so-called in-company activities.

Employee: Include regular exercise breaks during your working day to activate your muscles and improve concentration. By deliberately setting aside time for short physical activities during your working day, you can not only maintain your physical fitness, but also increase your mental alertness and productivity. For example, take a short walk or do stretching exercises during your lunch break. In addition, be aware of the available facilities and amenities offered by your employer to ensure you stay healthy and fit.

Ensure sufficient relaxation

Employer: Provide a “relaxation corner”.This can be a quiet lounge or a comfortable seating area. Provide this area with comfortable chairs, relaxing music and add some plants if necessary. Encourage employees to relax here during breaks. It is a place to get away from work and re-energise. Just a change of scenery can do wonders during a busy day.

Employee: Take time regularly during your working day to consciously do breathing exercises. These can be simple deep breaths, where you inhale slowly through your nose, hold your breath for a moment, and then exhale calmly through your mouth. It is a simple way to refresh yourself and easy to do in between. It can give you a sense of calm and focus.

Healthy nutrition

Employer: Implement healthy eating options in the canteen. By offering a variety of nutritious meals, you not only create a healthy eating environment, but also encourage conscious food choices among your staff. Consider, for example, adding a water point or offering fresh fruit. ODS-Vitaal has experience in offering cooking workshops for departments. Especially in organisations with shift work, this is an important issue.

Employee: Take good care of yourself. Make healthy meals in advance and avoid fast food. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Sufficient hydration is important for your body and can help maintain your concentration and energy levels. Consider putting a water bottle on your desk instead of a glass so you can easily keep track of how much you drink. It is a simple way to take care of yourself and feel good during your daily activities.