Freestyle training for triathletes – in collaboration with Province of Limburg

4 March 2020
4 March 2020

Freestyle training for triathletes – in collaboration with Province of Limburg

Market demand
Keen endurance athletes asked ODS to provide swim practice in preparation for swimming races and triathlons.

Solution from ODS
Together with the certified instructors of EDO Sports, ODS drew up a training programme. In the Geusselt swimming pool in Maastricht, beginners, advanced and expert swimmers improved their swimming technique and fitness level. Practice sessions are organised in groups, but with attention to individual improvement points. Practice takes place once a week from 7 to 8 a.m. The duration of the programme is 12 weeks (3 months) with an option to extend. The costs amount to € 46,- a month for a weekly 1 hour training session (check up-to-date tariffs on

Enthusiastic participants. The swim practices are very successful and therefore offered multiple times a year.

Participants awarded the following marks:

Accommodation: 9.7

Support from the trainer: 9.4 

Reaction of participants:


“Triathlon is hot in the province of Limburg. Can you think of anything better than finishing your triathlon with freestyle swimming? ODS encourages athletes in the Maastricht area to pursue this ambition!”

Edwin Dasselaar
certified swimming instructor


“Since IronMan has come to Maastricht, the triathlon sport has become immensely popular. ODS has responded very professionally to our request to arrange freestyle swimming practice for beginners, advanced and expert swimmers.”

Peter Driessen
Province of Limburg


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