Swimming pool Vie Optisport Kerkrade

Optisport Vie (formerly D’r Pool) has a competition pool and an instruction pool. Anyone can come and exercise; they also have all the facilities for the disabled. From relaxed lane swimming to active participation in one of the challenging Aqua group lessons: everything is possible. Children learn to swim with the most fun swimming lesson method in the Netherlands, the Zed & Sop swimming lesson. A guarantee for a lifetime of swimming fun!

The competition pool is 25 by 15 metres and has six lanes. Part of the pool has a moveable bottom. All kinds of activities take place during the week, including our Zed & Sop swimming lessons, Liz & Wes Spetterles (baby and toddler swimming) and Aqua’Group lessons for every age category. In addition, the pool has all the conveniences such as a lazy staircase and a disabled lift. You have a view of the pool from the catering area.

The target group pool is slightly smaller compared to the competition pool. The water temperature is around 32°C, so this is a subtropical pool. Very pleasant for, among other things, various Aqua’Group lessons and for people with physical disabilities. The little ones can splash and play safely in the Spraypark and the paddling pool.


The offer

Activity  Addidtional payment member *
Lane swimming 0,00
Family swimming (price p.p.) 0,00
Family swimming (price p.p. 0-2 years) 0,00
Liz & Wes splash lesson (0-4 years) 0,00
Aqua’Aerobic 5,70
Aqua’Jogging 5,70
Aqua Vitaal 1,00
Single-entry pass** 6,40


*ODS-Vitaal is not responsible for price changes of activities and facilities at the pool.
**Single-entry pass only for lane swimming and family swimming. For the other offerings, which require additional payment, tickets must be purchased at the ticket register.

Note: any access pass must be purchased once ( no deposit but purchase)