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For €8.50 per month, the ODS swimming pass gives you unlimited access to all connected swimming pools. So you can also try another bath ( mostly no extra cost). With the swimming pass you can swim recreationally (free swimming) and swim laps. At some pools you also get a discount on swimming lessons or other activities via ODS, such as water aerobics, aqua biking, aqua fitness, aqua jogging, aqua zumba, float fit, lunch swimming and pregnancy swimming.

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Vie Optisport Kerkrade

De Haamen

De Bronspot Brunssum 

De Nieuwe Hateboer Sittard

Geusseltbad Maastricht 

Laco Glanerbrook Geleen

Het Anker Born

In de Bandert Echt

Zwembad Hoensbroek 

Steinerbos Stein 

De Joffer Voerendaal

In de Bende Landgraaf

Mosaqua Gulpen

De IJzeren Man Weert 

De Roerdomp Roermond

De Treffer Eijsden

Parent & child swimming


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